DISFEAR Soul Scars reissue

Some news after quite some time. Despite big parts of the world are on lockdown we still had a release scheduled and in production. We work on having DISFEAR Soul Scars LP reissued May 8th on it’s 25 year anniversary! A Scandinavian hardcore beauty which got an extra push by much admired sound genius Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE.

Preorders of my copies already start now, so if you have some money left after paying your rent and buying food it would be great if you order a copy and support the band, the labels and the distro.

Europe version by me you can get from our main distributor Punkdistro. North and South America: HAVOC and directly from Disfear.

Streaming services will be done by Relapse Records.

Stay safe everyone!

P.S. Thank you Marcus for the announcement video and thank you Kurzi for all your help.