Wholesale List

This is my direct wholesale site. You can also get most of my releases together with other great records from my comrades at Kink Records and Ruin Nation Records.


You have to order AT LEAST 3 COPIES of a release since this is a wholesale – list aimed at shops, distros, mailorders etc. that resell the records that we offer. If you want to order less copies please check our mailorderlist with the same program and even more items available.

Oldschool copy + paste what you want in an email together with your shipping address and I’ll get back to you with shipping options, postage costs and all.
!!!All prices are without postage and without VAT!!!


Send us your order and we’ll calculate your postage trying to find the priciest and/or safest way to get the records to you.


Your order has to be paid in advance. When we receive your order we’ll send you an email stating the exact amount of your order including postage and packing. If you confirm it we’ll email you the invoice and you can pay via regular bank transfer or transfer wise or paypal,… Your order goes out as soon as we receive the payment. For other payment options/ideas please get in touch.

In Stock

12inch Vinyl

  • DISFEAR – A Brutal Sight Of War / 12inch / black / 8.50 Euro
  • DISFEAR – Misanthropic Generation / LP / black / 8.50 Euro
  • NIGHTMARE – Give Notice Of.. / LP / black / 8.00 Euro
  • SUICIDE BLITZ – Ride The Steel / 12inch / 1.00 Euro
  • URSUT – Dårarnas Paradis / LP / 8.00 Euro
  • URSUT – Köp Dig Lycklig / LP / 8.00 Euro
  • WE LIVE IN TRENCHES – Life Crisis / LP / 1.00 Euro

7inch Vinyl

BOMBENALARM/ARMAGEDOM – Split / 7inch / 1.00 Euro
IDIOTS RULE – S/t / 7inch / 1.00 Euro
WE LIVE IN TRENCHES – Out Of The Dark / 7inch / 1.00 Euro


ZEROID – 2004 / CD / 1.00 Euro

10inch Vinyl

ZEROID – 2002 / 10inch / 1.00 Euro