Pre-orders for MARTYRDÖD Elddop LP (Europe version)

Punkdistro started the wholesale and mailorder pre-orders for the MARTYRDÖD Elddop LP (Europe version).

The 25x screenprint editions i gave them are sold-out already.
I will have 50x of the screenprint editions to sell you can pre-order through my direct-mailorder.
MARTYRDÖD will have 20-30x of the screenprint edition with them on tour and D-Takt & Råpunk will have 85x copies.

From the 100x on white vinyl the band will have 80x on tour and 10x each go to D-Takt & Råpunk and LaFamiliaReleases. I have 5x of them left for pre-order also through my direct mailorder.

The black vinyl edition you can also pre-order now mailorder and wholesale directly from me or from Punkdistro.
CD is available from SouthernLord.

NOTE: Punkdistro will start shipping the 4th of August, i will start shipping 12th of August since i am on vacation the week before.