Some thoughts as lifesign

Long time no writing again. First of all i have to write about what made me think a lot about life, label and scene involvement.

As most of you might have read by now, Kleister of Skuld Releases died in a tragic accident 30th of May 2015. It is a hard loss and hurts. He was there when i started and always supported me, was a big influence for me as young punk and later as label activist. He was always open, never had any attitude or status bullshit and influenced and supported me and several others in being involved in the scene and starting a label. Thanks Kleister for everything, you will live on in our hearts and minds. My thoughts are with his family and close friends.

I am relieved his record label heritage will be taken over by his longtime partner in record crime and closest friend Stevie from Ruin Nation Records. It’s in the right hands and the logical consequence. If Skuld Releases lives on it must be with Ruin Nation Records. Thanks Stevie for taking it on and keep on cutting your own way.

The whole thing made me think a lot if in times admired friends and bands are not there anymore and times are often to fast for me i should keep on doing the label, but i don’t feel ready to let go and still have a really small circle of friends/bands i want to do things together. I will definitely keep it more quiet especially since i will move away for one year and might put the label on hiatus but i won’t disappear yet. And i think i will never disappear for good until i am dead since the scene gave me so much, opened opportunities and gave me my best friends in life. Some things in life changed, my focus on other passions of mine and other things in life take more priority but I am still here, still strong just more quiet and slower.

New releases will definitely follow (a.e. Hårda Tider / Crucial Section ‎– Unleash The Fucking Fury 7inch) and some represses but step by step and no hurry. Poc a poc as some of my best friends would say.