Thanks to all involved in the HÅRDA TIDER/NIGHT FEVER Split 12inch

Long overdue post and thanks list.
HÅRDA TIDER/NIGHT FEVER tour is over and Split 12inch is out. Big thanks to the bands for killer live shows and the brilliant material. To Erik P. for another excelent cover piece. To Gustav and Matte P. for excellent recording of the songs and to Matte P. for getting both masters together and preparing them perfect for pressing. Jakob of AdultCrash for being a partner in record crime for this one and someone i admire in the punk label world. To Hårda Skivor for taking part again. And last but not least Kurzi for putting the artwork pieces togehter, layouting and illustrating the lyric sheet in night sessions, doing a sticker for the speical reverse label edition over night and for always being there and supporting me and the label. Without bands and people like thist nothing would work on my side and i am honored and appreciate it to have you all.

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Pressing info:
260x special reversed labels edition on magenta vinyl – tour/band copies
300x grey vinyl – mailorder copies
800x black vinyl