Victims LP printing mistake by Recordindustry

There is a little printing mistake on the LP, a bit of the front picture is viewable on the spine. I reached in a complain at Recordindustry pressing plant but they just said: “I can see what you mean, you can see a bit of the front design. I am afraid this is hard to avoid this with this type of sleeve, although the technical spine is 8mm, the actual result after folding is a bit more especially with the 350 gram board”. What means they offer something they can’t do properly? I did several 350 gram gatefold sleeves over the years at other places and it never was a problem. My request to only charge me for the ones i used by now and keep the rest and i will redo them properly somewhere else: “Although I can understand that you are disappointed I am afraid we didn’t make a mistake. On top of this I believe you won’t sell any record less because of this. Therefore I don’t see any reason to offer a discount or other solution.” -> Recordindustry seems not to care to do the production properly on their specifications and after all it doesn’t matter cause you sell em anyway. Great attitude towards their customers!  Even though Recordindustry does really nice vinyl due to their attitude, communication and taking pretty long i can’t recommend them at all.

Handlewithcare, Optimal and my friend Bieber of  Flight 13   Duplication seem to be way better choices. Anyway i apologize to the band, the artist and anyone who purchases the LP that it didn’t turn out 100%. I tried but i am at the mercy of the pressing plants to do it right or at least fix done mistakes. Sorry! There will be a 500 repress with this sleeves cause i can’t afford to just throw em away and then i will print the sleeves somewhere else for possible represses.