S/t 12 inch

Reissue/repress of this already classic 12inch originally released on Not Enough Records. 12 songs in less than 17 minutes which already says it all, a total killer piece of Scandinavian Hardcore.
From Malmö, Uppsala and Leipzig this hardcore crew brings you mayhem, we’re talking raging Swedish räpunk in the same vein as Totalitär, with Finnish vocals. A truly brilliant record that holds all the energy, dirt, anger, sincerity… really everything you can look for in a record like this. A true testimonial that you don’t need a huge thundering ‘overproduced’ sound to make a really powerful record. The A-side was recorded in 2008 at Said Studio, and the B-side in 2009 at Sceleris by Matte P.

524x black vinyl, 05/2012