DISFEAR – Everyday Slaughter LP

For now the last in the Disfear re issue series. Everyday Slaughter is available on vinyl again, the first time since the 1000x run in 1997. The band and I tried to get it as close to the original as possible with small adaptions the band always wanted for this release. It was mastered by Brad AUDIOSIEGE and he did a brilliant job (like always) to make the band get the sound they were aiming for for the vinyl. Kurzi SHORTRIVER did print preparation and small adjustments. Thank you all for your great help, it wouldn’t be possible without you! Also a big thanks to my friends in DISFEAR for their trust and collaboration and to Felix HAVOCRECORDS to take part and do the NorthAmerican pressing. And also a shoutout to ChainsawDistro for the tape version. Get your copies from my list, directly from the band, from my main distributor Kink Records or if you are from NorthAmerica order from Havocrecords.
Crank up your stereo and feel the d-beat.